Berlin On A Budget

So I fancied getting the boy something different for Christmas last year. He’s banged on about Berlin since we got together so with the flexibility of dates on my side I was able to bag an absolute bargain booking flights through Ryan Air and our hotel through The total cost? £112 each for 4 days.

Berlin is a very train / metro orientated city and travel is easy and cheap. We bought daily travel cards and traveled by foot ALOT (Wear comfy shoes!!!) because there is so much to see and do. Don’t try to be clever and not bother buying a ticket- there are plain clothes officers on board who will ask to see your ticket at random and if you don’t have one it’s an on the spot €60 fine. The City Bus Tour is a great way to see everything easily- you can get off and on as you please and they’re really frequent (about every 15-20 mins). Everyone in Berlin is friendly and helpful, it’s very safe and the language barrier is mute- in some cases people just started talking to us in English before we even had a chance to attempt our poor excuse of German!


We packed a lot into our trip- Berlin has a lot to offer in terms of great food, sightseeing and culture. We could easily have spent 2 weeks there but particular highlights included dinner at one of the best pizzerias I’ve ever been to, Due Forni . This place receives mixed reviews on Trip Advisor mainly because of the service. They’re brusque but not rude. It’s very busy and turnover is quick but the pizza is thin and crispy and the ingredients are fresh and tasty. There’s a wide range of beers and wine and a very punk atmosphere (as can be found in a lot of Berlin).

Berlin Zoo is fantastic. I’m not always a fan of zoos unless they provide a large space for their animals and good breeding programs and Berlin Zoo does that. It’s completely central and an absolute joy to walk around. Leave a full day for this as it’s very big and there is an aquarium to boot!


An absolute must is the Reichstag Building. BOOK IN ADVANCE. You need to provide details and book your time slot as it’s a government building but it is completely worth it. The dome is spectacular and the roof terrace provides amazing views of the city. You can visit during the night or day but as a bit of a night owl, I preferred to go in the evening and the view was spectacular.


Finally I must implore you to visit Burger Meister. Hands down THE BEST burger I’ve ever had. So good in fact I went back 2 hours later and bought another one. Hidden under a bridge, it’s a little out of the way and the small plastic sheeted area doesn’t exactly set a romantic setting but do not be mislead. Every burger is made from scratch and you must wait at least 15-20 minutes to get your meal which is definitely worth waiting for. Try their signature- The Meister Burger, I promise you won’t regret it.


I will 100% be back in Berlin in the next year or 2. It’s now a definite favourite City!


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