Door Of Thrones 10 and Party at The Dark Horse, Belfast

I can’t believe Game of Thrones is over! 10 amazing episodes in what I believe to be the best season yet. I was sad to hear there’s only 13-15 episodes left BUT I’d rather Game of Thrones was done properly and finishes when it should rather than drag it out and become a shadow of itself like so many other great TV programmes have done in the past cough *Dexter*cough.

So Door of Thrones No10 as suspected landed in my very own Belfast City in the beautiful and decadent Dark Horse, opposite the famous Duke of York in Belfast. This is a fantastic location as it fits so well among the polished dark wood and is perhaps one of the most popular bar areas in the city.

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I was invited along to a press night along with those who had helped with the placement of the doors, managers of locations where previous doors had been hung and some extras as well. We enjoyed a screening in the Dark Horse of the final episode and then watched as the Bar owner revealed the final door of thrones.

The Dark Horse TellyAddictTalks Blog

 The Dark Horse TellyAddictTalks Blog

Episode 10, Door 3

Game of Thrones Door of Thrones 10 The Dark Horse TellyAddictTalks Blog

The door itself is magnificent, almost regal. In fact it is regal – the centre piece is the Lannister Crest, the hand of the king is featured top left and right with Stark and Targaryen to the bottom. The (ex) Citadel sits at the bottom and guarding the Lannister House  is the mighty Ser Gregor Clegane.

Game of Thrones Door of Thrones 10 The Dark Horse TellyAddictTalks Blog

So there we have it folks – the last door and the last episode. I’m sad to see the end of this as the travelling to see the doors each week meant I got the chance to visit parts of the country I wouldn’t normally. I also met plenty of friendly bar staff and the other half enjoyed a Guinness from nearly every establishment that we visited.

Just because Game of Thrones is over does not mean my travels are however! I’m hoping to do a round up of all the doors, in one simple blog post but following that we’re off to Seville aka Dorne next week and Iceland later in the year. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to visit Croatia soon as well!


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