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The second of the 10 Doors of Thrones was unveiled on Monday at the Fiddler’s Green B&B and Pub in Portaferry.

In case you didn’t see my first blog on this stroke of marketing genius –  Tourism Ireland have salvaged the wood from 2 Beech trees that fell following Storm Gertrude in January this year at the world famous Dark Hedges. These trees have been transformed into ornately carved wooden doors, each depicting different scenes, references and symbols from each episode. The doors which will hang in pubs and other venues across Northern Ireland, near filming locations (you can check out my blog on our visit to various filming locations here) and will be unveiled one at a time after each episode is aired meaning a total of 10 doors will be hung.

Door No 1 launched Monday 25th April, can be found at The Cuan Pub, Restaurant and B&B in picturesque Strangford in County Down, my blog can be found here.

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Doors Of Thrones: Episode 2, Door 2

Door 2 as I mentioned is in The Fiddler’s Green, in the picturesque town of Portaferry, right on Strangford Lough. What’s beautiful about the positioning of Door No2 is that you can Visit No1 first then take the quick  ferry over and visit Door 2 in less than 10 minutes.


My initial thought was how strikingly different Door 2 is in terms of texture and colour. Door 1 was much more intricate and busy looking with a brighter, almost mahogany finish whereas Door 2 is much more rugged looking and the carving could be mistaken for being done by hand. I really liked this. So brand new this door doesn’t have its Season 6, Episode 2 plaque yet, I was assured everything was kept hush hush and most of the staff didn’t even know about the door until it was unveiled and local press were knocking on the door.


As each door depicts scenes from the corresponding episode you will notice House Bolton’s grim coat of arms (boo!),  Jon Snow’s Valyrian steel blade Longclaw (yey!), the Weirwood Tree where Bran is in training with the 3 Eyed Raven and finally the Greyjoy Kraken (What Is Dead May Never Die… apparently not eh Balon?).

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So we’re now 2 doors in and I’m excited to see what episode 3 will bring. Will we get a dragon door? Perhaps White Walkers will somehow make an appearance.


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