Doors Of Thrones 7 – Gracehill House, Ballymoney

So this week was a bit of a cock-up. Basically in all of my enthusiasm I drove up to see Door No7 on a rare free Tuesday only to find the place was shut and had been shut since 5pm. Bizarre for a bar and restaurant and following the announcement of the door being hung there but there you have it. Stupid of me to assume I know, but at the same time…5pm…really?

But ANYWAY, moan over, we drove up again on Saturday to see the door in all it’s glory hung in the bar & restaurant of Gracehill House –  a beautiful Manor driectly at the end of the Dark Hedges. Literally. You literally drive through The Dark Hedges and the gates are facing you, so you really can’t miss it.

Doors of thrones Gracehill house tellyaddicttalks blog


Episode 7, Door of Thrones 7

Due to the shape of this doorway, Game of Thrones Door of Thrones 7 is a good bit wider than other doors. It’s also a lovely deep chestnut colour and does little to depict last week’s episode, it is more an ode to what is to come. The three-eyed raven takes centre stage with all seeing eyes encasing the design. The Stark family crest is also present along with the crown and a time turner. To me, although there is little of actual episode 7 here, there was certainly the feeling of urgency for the Stark family in this episode. They need an army and they’ve all but run out of time.

Doors of thrones Gracehill house tellyaddicttalks blog

Doors of thrones Gracehill house tellyaddicttalks blog

Of course if you’re up that direction you’d be crazy to miss out on a walk through The Dark Hedges. They’re still as beautiful as ever. It’s quite surreal to walk through and personally I feel they feel a bit more authentic when the weather is a bit more miserable and dark. I noticed on our visit that steps have been taken to regrow some of the trees that were lost during Storm Gertrude and to fill in some of the gaps of natural growth.

The Dark Hedges Game of Thrones Telly Addict Talks Blog

The Dark Hedges Game of Thrones Telly Addict Talks Blog

Incase you didn’t know you can actually drive through The Dark Hedges (just watch out for sightseers). We did this on our first failed attempt at visiting the door and you can watch the video below (please note I have sped the video up for this blog and we’re not actually driving very fast!).


You’re also very close (5-10 minutes) from Ballintoy Harbour / The Iron Islands and of course Door 6 in the Fullterton Arms . Not to be missed and if you have time is the famous Bushmills Distillery which is only a 20 minute drive. We took a quick drive down to visit the gift shop and pick up my dad a bottle for Father’s Day.

Bushmills Distillery tellyaddicttalks blog

If you’re traveling to Northern Ireland and are taking a bus tour of the Game of Thrones locations then this door should definitely be on your list as it’s so close to The Dark Hedges.


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