Doors of Thrones 8 – Mary McBrides, Cushendun

I could see this location coming a mile off. As one of the stops on our driving tour around the Game of Thrones locations of Ireland, this was one of my favourite spots. Located at the end of the Cushendun Harbour and following a magical drive through Slieveanorra Forest the area itself is breathtaking and sums up exactly why Game of Thrones chose Northern Ireland as a location in which to film.

Cushendun TellyAddictTalks Blog

The cave itself plays host to the scene where Melisandre gave birth to the Shaddow baby that killed Renly in season 2.Cushendun Caves TellyAddictTalks Blog

Cushendun Caves TellyAddictTalks Blog

Episode 8, Door of Thrones 8

Door No8 resides in Mary Mc Brides in Cushendun, literally 2 minutes from the aforementioned Shaddow Baby caves. It was once the smallest pub in Ireland but has now been extended and I can safely say it does a fine pint of Guinness. The first door with any script on it, door of thrones 8 sports the infamous Game of Thrones line ‘Valar Morghulis’ or ‘All men must die’ in High Valyrian. It also features the  Titan of Braavos which guards the harbor entrance to the city where Arya is busy ending a pointless plot that’s been going on far too long – apparently a girl does have a name and it’s Arya Stark. Shocker. Finally it also features some scary looking hooded / masked figures at the bottom. My guess is that these are the slave masters that are currently invading Meereen to get their slaves back whilst Dany has been off burning the leaders of her martial people and giving impressive speeches about freedom and dragons.

Game of Thrones Door of Thrones 8 Mary Mc Brides Cushendun TellyAddictTalks Blog

Game of Thrones Door of Thrones 8 Mary Mc Brides Cushendun TellyAddictTalks Blog

Game of Thrones Door of Thrones 8 Mary Mc Brides Cushendun TellyAddictTalks Blog

I could be reading too much into it but the Stark crests at the top of the door and the Titan to me symbolise freedom whilst obviously the slavemasters at the bottom obviously symbolise slavery but also fear, and indeed fear for what is yet to come, not forgetting next week’s episode ‘The Battle of the Bastards’ which I think we can all agree is possibly the most anticipated episode in the 6 seasons of Game of Thrones. And there slapped right in the middle is Brienne of Tarth’s sword, Oathbreaker. Salvaged from Ned Starks own Valyrian Steel sword ‘Ice’, this is 1 of 2 swords created by the Lannisters. Jamie passed this on to Brienne to rescue and protect Sansa. The second sword ‘Widow’s Wail’ named by Joffery, still resides in House Lannister.


Lets be honest – all we’re thinking about now is episode 9, and for once, wishing away the weekend! In the meantime here is a quick video showing exactly how beautiful this area is and why you should definitely put it on your to go to list for Game of Thrones locations or even for general travelling around NI.


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