EDŌ Belfast Sets the Bar (and the table) for Restaurants in Belfast

Belfast is full to the brim with restaurants. Good food is part of our culture but great food is made here with pride.

EDŌ (pronounced ‘aye-doh’ and taken from the Latin for ‘I eat’) opened its doors last year and has gone from strength to strength, as word spread of its fabulous food and ex-Gordon Ramsey chef Jonny Elliott’s talent. We’ve been itching to go since it opened but trips away, work and general life have gotten in the way until recently when we went for official ‘date night’.

Things that made me want to go to EDŌ

  1. They serve Hannan Meat and we all know how much I love that sweet, sweet, sugar pit goodness.
  2. The decor… stunning.
  3. Tapas – Belfast is sorely lacking quality tapas.
  4. Food. I like food.

The Food

Ok so let’s get to it, what did we order? WELL I was very excited by EDŌ’s menu, the perfect mixture of sharing dishes, steaks, pasta and general fresh European goodness. We started with Chicharron (fried pork belly), Ham Croquettes and Calamari. Everything was perfect and the calamari in particular was nothing short of delicious.

Tapas TellyAddictTalks Blog EDO

For mains I opted for Prawn, Chorizo, Lemon & Garlic Linguine whilst the other half wanted something from Big Bertha (I’ll explain in a bit) so opted for BBQ Ribs, Sweet Potato & Roasted Corn. Again, the taste was next level. We found ourselves in silence just nodding at each other with wide eyes and smiles.

pasta main TellyAddictTalks Blog EDO

Ribs TellyAddictTalks Blog EDO

The restaurant itself was bustling with activity. A mixture of people dressed to go out for the night and others in comfier clothes enjoying the warmth of the atmosphere and the food. Seated at the kitchen bar, we were privy to the pride of EDŌ – Bertha. Bertha is a wood-fired oven filled with pear and apple wood, alongside chunks of peat which leaves her food with a distinctive, smokey flavour. We were mesmerised watching steaks, ribs and even bread being fed to her and shortly removed perfectly cooked.

Overall (if you couldn’t already tell) I loved our evening and our food. EDŌ is now firmly in our top restaurants in Belfast and we will be back as frequently as our bank balance allows it. I thoroughly recommend a visit to anyone from Belfast and beyond looking for quality tasty food from a wide menu and excellent service.


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