‘Hit the East’ for a Walk Around some of Belfast’s Latest Street Art

As part of the EastSide Arts Festival, Seedhead Arts and the Community Arts Partnership teamed up to create ‘Hit the East’, an opportunity for local and international talent to brighten up the streets of East Belfast.

As an Eastsider myself and a fan of Belfast Street Art (see full blog here), I took a jaunt round to the hub of this project for a nosey and was delighted to find a Narnia of bright colours just at the top of Bloomfield Avenue.

Hit the East

Elephants by Falko Fantastic East Belfast TellyAddictTalks

Elephants, Falko Fantastic

3 Missed Calls Dermot McConaghy East Belfast TellyAddictTalks

3 Missed Calls, Dermot McConaghy

The Remorseful Matador Ed Reynolds East Belfast TellyAddictTalks

The Remorseful Matador, Ed Reynolds

The Beekeeper Jamie Harper East Belfast TellyAddictTalks

The Beekeeper, Jamie Harper

Movstwo East Belfast TellyAddictTalks

Belfast Beyond, Movstwo

KVLR East Belfast TellyAddictTalks

The Wall, Kev Largey

Collaboration with ESTR and Lanni Powder

Collaboration with Lanni & ESTR

Elephants by Falko Fantastic Hit the East Belfast TellyAddictTalks

Elephants, Falko Fantastic 

Hit the North

Hit the East will be followed up in September with Hit the North which in 2014 saw some gems such as ‘Nan with a Pearl Earring’ by David Creative . The below piece no longer exists as the building has since been demolished but it’s one of my favourites in the city and this is just another excuse to show it off! Again, if you want to see more of the supremely wonderful Street Art in Belfast’s City Centre, check out my other blog. Hopefully I’ll be in the country in September and able to watch some art take place right in front of me! For more info visit Seedhead Arts.

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