Long Weekend in Copenhagen

Hello Copenhagen! Home of Hans Christian Andersen, writer of The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina and The Tinderbox and many more of our childhood favourites. I’m not sure what it is that’s always appealed to me (I totally know – it’s fairytales) about Copenhagen but I’ve always wanted to go so we broke out our well traveled suitcases (carry on of course) flew Ryanair from Dublin for a frankly ludicrous £45 return each.

We got the train from the airport to the city centre for £2.50 each (follow the signs for the train and the electronic ticket machines will help you with the rest). Arriving at the Absalon Hotel we were really impressed by the staff and the decor. You may read a few poor ‘it’s like a hostel’ reviews on TripAdvisor – that’s because one half of the accommodation is in fact a hostel and can be accessed through the ‘anex’ door slightly further down the street. The hotel itself is 4* and very luxurious. I was really impressed with the room and the breakfast. The Absalon Hotel was less than a 5 minute walk to the central train station and a pick up point of the City Sightseeing Bus we used.

The Little Mermaid Copenhagen

I’d recommend getting a Sightseeing Bus as some attractions are fairly far apart – the drivers are really friendly and the narration is informative and funny. It includes a 5 minute stop at The Little Mermaid statue as there’s not much to do there other than take a photo of or with it. It’s very pretty but also very small.Other major attractions include Tivoli Gardens (it’s very much worth mentioning that it is closed during the Winter months and typically reopens in April meaning we actually missed out much to our disappointment), Church of Our Saviour (not for the feint of heart with 400 steps, 150 of which outside at the top of the spire!) and my personal favourite, the picturesque Nyhavn Harbour.

Nyhavn Harbour Copenhagen

It’s worth mentioning that the sex trade is legal in Copenhagen and in fact the city as a whole is very open about sex in general with sex shops and adverts for trade shows very much out in the open. The Red Light District is very much the up and coming area in Copenhagen with many restaurants and hotels (including ours) in the area. It is all very safe and indeed Copenhagen in general provides a sense of security and well being day and night.

Tips for Your Trip to Copenhagen

1. Taxis are metered and are about the same price as UK taxis
2. Expect to pay more – the rumours are true, Copenhagen is expensive. Most visitor attractions are either free or very cheap but food and drink are very expensive.
3. Lunch on the go – to save money and time try to grab lunch at one of the many street vendors. Lunch in a restaurant is around £30+ each, buy a hot dog or burger and pay £3-5
4. Christiana is the Freetown of Copenhagen. Think of it as a suburb within Copenhagen with a more ‘relaxed’ way of living. They may be more relaxed, but make sure you follow the rules with no photos inside the grounds.
5. Bring a water bottle and refill daily – again, it’s expensive and could save you a few quid.


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