The Bull & Ram, Ballynahinch

The Bull & Ram has been open for almost a year and been on our ‘to do’ list since the doors of the once butcher shop opened in Ballynahinch.

Mixing its original Edwardian decor with art deco menus and branding, I was in love from the moment we walked through the door. Specialising in (but not limited to) steak, they serve the world famous and award winning Himalayan salt-aged Hannan meats.

Promptly seated, service was friendly and professional but relaxed. The drinks menu was plentiful (the other half would recommend the hot tottie for those suffering from the cold – which he was at the time) with many a local beer, cider and spirit featuring heavily. The food menu? Well, it took a couple of attempts from the waiter to take our order as we just couldn’t decide what to get. The Maitre D spent time with us, talking us through the menu and helping us to decide how we wanted our steaks cooked and what worked best as a side as per our individual tastes which was a lovely touch.

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The Starter

We both opted for Scallops “Rockefeller” with creamed spinach, smoked bacon and garlic crumb. I am not exaggerating when I say this was genuinely the best starter of my life. Chris actually laughed at me because he wondered why there was still some on my plate and I cried that I didn’t want it to be over. Of course it didn’t stay on my plate long. It was fresh, tender, flavourful and made with love. I’d go back just for them alone.

The Main Event

In typical non-exciting form we both also opted for the same steak (it’s a running theme on our date nights) – 28 day aged ribeye steak. Coming with a side and sauce, Chris opted for spiced sweet potato fries and bone marrow gravy whilst I went for the side of garlic chestnut mushrooms with black pepper sauce. The taste was just ridiculous. The knife glided through steak and it had more flavour than any steak I’ve ever had. Now I know why Hannan Meats are world famous! Notably there is no additional garnish on the plate. Personally I didn’t think it needed any as the quality of meat spoke volumes.

I may sound like an advert for Bull & Ram but it was taste alone that compelled me to write this blog and we will 100% be back again – it’s just amazing! First class service and food in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, perfect for any foodie, date night or a ‘meat up’ (see what I did there?) with friends.


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