Places to Visit in Dubrovnik

Our fourth and final stop on our tour of beautiful Croatia was Dubrovnik. I deliberately left us a bit of extra time here as I knew we’d want ‘doing nothing days’. Instead of the usual 3 days, we had 5 meaning we could lounge around in our beautiful hotel in Cavtat as well as see the magnificent sights of Dubrovnik.

Accommodation in Dubrovnik / Cavtat

“But Cavtat isn’t in Dubrovnik” I hear you say…no it isn’t, but not staying in Dubrovnik was the best (accidental) decision we made when booking. We booked our trip 6 months in advance after loosing out last year due to high flight prices and hotels. This year again the prices were high in June and we were certain that we wanted a pool and lots of relaxation after our tour of the rest of Croatia. I accidentally came across Hotel Croatia in Cavtat, just 15 miles up the coast and was sold.

Because it’s not in Dubrovnik City, the prices are much lower and the quality of hotel much higher. Please also be aware that Dubrovnik is not just hot, it’s super hot with many visitors needing a water break every 30-60 minutes in peak season, with no walls and a sea breeze we were definitely less affected.

I mean just look at this view…and that water…

View Hotel Croatia Cavtat TellyAddictTalks Blog

Hotel Croatia Cavtat TellyAddictTalks Blog

As you can imagine we spent several days in our hotel and lounging by the pool and sea but when we did visit Dubrovnik we travelled by boat instead of by bus or car. This was about £10 return each.

Things to do in Dubrovnik

If Dubrovnik doesn’t knock the wind out of you with its beauty the second you step through the Old Town Walls, I may be forced to call you a liar. Slowing down as we pulled into the harbour I was in awe of the beauty of the buildings bearing down on us as as we stepped off and through the walls I genuinely stopped to gather myself. Beautiful. Like nothing I’ve seen before.

dubrovnik Harbour TellyAddictTalks Blog

You can totally see why Kings Landing in Game of Thrones was filmed here, with its narrow streets and beautifully preserved architecture there is so much to see but nowhere is more than a few minutes walk (apart from walking around the walls themselves. I’ve already written a blog with all the Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia here with Dubrovnik featuring heavily, in fact nearly every landmark is used in some way.

There are many beautiful sights to see in the Old Town Walls from Sponza Palace and The Church of Saint Blaise as you enter the walls, to Onofrio’s Fountain which leads you to Pile Gate out the other side.

Church of Saint Blaise Dubrovnik TellyAddictTalks Blog

Large Onofrio's Fountain Dubrovnik TellyAddictTalks Blog

Pile Gate Blackwater Game of Thrones Dubrovnik TellyAddictTalks Blog

You can also walk the walls to see the true beauty of the streets of Dubrovnik.

Old Town Walls Dubrovnik TellyAddictTalks Blog

Or visit Fort Lovrijenac for some truly spectacular views looking back at the walls…

Dubrovnik Port Game of Thrones TellyAddictTalks Blog

Dubrovnik Walls TellyAddictTalks Blog

Or just roam the streets to see what you can find…

Cat Dubrovnik TellyAddictTalks Blog

The Best sunset in Dubrovnik

We read a lot about Budva Bar set in the walls of Dubrovnik and spent some time there but to be honest the prices, service and heavy tourism negatives outweighed the view. Instead we spent most of our time at Beach Bar, Little Star in Cavtat which was simple and provided a sunset only just second to Zadar‘s.

Sunset Beach Bar Little Star Cavtat TellyAddictTalks Blog

I’ll be doing a final blog on our travels with tips for driving around Croatia. This holiday was up there with the best including our tour of California and we will definitely be back.


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