Where I’ll be travelling in 2016

It’s only August and already I have itchy feet. I’m going to New York in October but after that my travelling for the year is over. OVER. How depressing…. I tend to do most of my travelling over Bank Holidays to make as much use of my paid time off as possible and most of those in the UK are in the first half of the year so of course I’ve started thinking about what I’d like to do next year and I think I have a fairly decent list.


1. Rome
I was actually hoping to go there this August Bank Holiday but I bought a house and I have to be realistic so instead we’ve opted for a stay-cation kind of weekend and we’ll be doing a real life tour of Game of Thrones locations around the coast of Ireland (watch this space). Rome is one of those cities that you just kind of *have* to go to and I’ve never been to before. It’s so full of history and I can’t wait to see the Colosseum, Pantheon and Vatican City.

2. Istanbul
Istanbul was on my list but never top of it until I watched Channel 4’s Travel Man with Richard Ayoade and Adam Hills and it looked so beautiful and rich with culture (and Insta worthy) that I just thought I had to go.

3. Budapest
After jealously scrolling through so many friends’ Facebook photos I’ve decided 2016 will be the year I go to Budapest. Beautiful architecture? views of the Danube? Thermal Spas? Food Markets? Sold. After checking prices this seems like the most pocket friendly place to visit too with prices at around £300 for 2 people Flights and Hotel for 3 nights / 4 days.

4. Los Angeles and San Francisco
I really am a sucker for pretty photos and people looking like they’re having a good time. It gives me travel envy and I don’t deal with that well. This Summer I saw so many friends (and bloggers) going to Los Angeles and San Francisco and having the time of their lives that of course now I want a piece of that action. Driving with the roof down, lazy shopping, cafes, Las Vegas isn’t far and oohh…Disney California…..

5. Santorini
The above 4 are pretty much a cert as far as I’m concerned. This would be a ‘nice to have’ and a very nice to have at that. Picturesque beaches, beautiful seaside fishing villages and alfresco dining. Yes please.


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