Dinner at Yugo Belfast

Yugo is one of Belfast’s hottest new restaurants. Located close to Belfast City Hall, you will find it nestled on Wellington Street. Always busy, you’ll need to ring a week in advance to get a booking.

Asian fusion in style, Yugo combines the best tastes of the orient and delivers it with a twist of Belfast. Tables of 4 will be seated down the side of the restaurant whilst couples will be treated to a seat facing the kitchen where you can watch your meals being cooked with style and finesse. I’ve been twice now and have not been disappointed on either occasion!

Similar to other Asian restaurants although there are separate sections to the menu –  these are only based on the size of the dish and not the order in which you will receive it. Asian food is typically served all at once allowing you to share and dip between dishes, making it a truly communal affair. You will have the choice of ‘Snacks’, ‘Smalls’ and ‘Bigs’ along with your typical sides and desserts.

Just Getting Started…

Having previously enjoyed the Panko Breadcrumbed Prawn with Chilli Sambal & Kewpie Bao Bun, I opted for the BBQ Pork, Spring Onion, Pineapple & Coriander Bao Bun and Pork Dumplings with Black Vinegar from the Small and Bao Bun segments of the menu. Both were divine and had a very fresh taste with a fusion of perfectly partnered spices to awaken my taste buds.

The Main Event…

Prawn Noodles Yugo Belfast TellyAddictTalks Blog

Whilst I enjoyed the spicy delights of the King Prawns, Rice Noodles, Beef Rump, Szechuan Broth , Chris opted for the Szechuan Braised Lamb Shoulder, Quinoa, Yogurt & Rosewater Vinaigrette with a side of Yugo’s famous Dirty Fried Rice with Peas & Ham.

Lamb Main Yugo Belfast TellyAddictTalks Blog

As I mentioned before, there is a definite sharing aspect to the dining experience at Yugo, and as we swapped food and mixed flavours there was nothing that didn’t work. The staff are polite and friendly and happy to make suggestions without being overbearing. I would completely recommend Yugo as a place to eat with friends or for a date night and we will definitely be back!



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